My First Period Kit

Thinking about your first period can be daunting. What do you do if it happens at school, at a friend’s house or somewhere outside the comfort of your home? Preparing for such situations is integral to quelling the worry that comes with such an unanticipated event – and to be honest, it can be kind of fun too!

To collect all the necessary items for a first period home survival kit and travel emergency kit is a must. The two kits share many of the same items, so let’s first look at the products we keep in both:

Naturally, the first and perhaps most important item is sanitary towels. There are many menstrual products that girls can use from sanitary towels to tampons to even menstrual cups. However, for a first period, a sanitary towel may be easiest and most comfortable to use.

Tissues are useful to pack into both kits as well. A first period may illicit a lot of emotions or perhaps a mishap like getting some menstrual blood on your clothes may upset you. Having some tissues around allows you to have a good cry when you need one. When speaking of mishaps, wet wipes are a vital product to have. Periods can be messy and a wet wipe can clean up any mess with ease – just remember to discard them in a bin and not in the toilet!

If you’re comfortable with using pain relievers, these can be incredbily helpful.  If your parents allow you to make use of them, it’s good to have always have one or two on you at this time. With periods come cramps, headaches and other aches and pains that may be too much to bear, so having some relievers may make it easier on you. Next is deodorant: did you know that during your period many experience strong body odour? Having some deodorant with you, at home or at school, can keep you fresh all day and keep the B.O away.

And finally, we come to the true heroine of any girl’s period: chocolate! No period kit would be complete without a little stash of chocolate to get you through the tears, cramps and cravings. A bit of chocolate may help to improve your mood, boost your energy with a bit of sugar or just make you some comfort when needed. Dark chocolate, choc-a-bloc with magnesium and omega-6 fatty acids can help relax those cramping muscles.

Now that we’ve seen what goes into both kits, let’s venture into the products that are exclusively for home or travel use. For school and anywhere outside the house, we recommend you keep a travel pouch in which to carry your necessities. This is a much easier and more discreet option than dumping everything into a school bag. A little bit of loose change to stash away  is always needed. Especially in case you run out of something in your kit. Lastly, an extra pair or two of underwear is always a good idea.

For home, a hot water bottle is essential when the stomach cramps become too much to handle. A bit of warmth on the area can help to ease the pain and relax the muscles. In a home kit, a reminder to hydrate at this crucial. Try something  like a bright pink sticky note with the bold letters stating “DRINK WATER” . A fine habit to start, if you haven’t already, is a daily journal for her thoughts and feelings. Periods, especially the first, can bring about a lot of emotions. Having a private journal to express and explore your thoughts is important for any young girl going on a journey as epic as this one.

Have fun making your own kits at home!

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