How Your Body Prepares for Your First Period

Talk of first periods among girls start buzzing around the age of 10, but often sooner. Some girls will have already started their periods and others are eagerly awaiting theirs. There’s  no rush as everyone’s body develops at a different rate.

You may begin to notice the changes in your body (or the bodies of others) in the months before your first period starts. This is because the body needs to prepare for the advent of this special event before it comes. Most girls will see their breasts develop somewhat and will have started to grow some pubic hair before the arrival of their first period. Discharge is also a very common and natural occurrence as the vagina learns to clean and regulate itself, though it may be quite uncomfortable for those that are new to it. The most notable change that you may experience is a little bit of weight gain.

Weight gain is a totally natural occurrence in puberty for young girls. Usually, a girl’s body fat percentage will increase around 10% during puberty, resulting in a fuller and shapelier figure. This is because the hormone, oestrogen, created in by the ovaries causes the body to pick up weight. This weight may be most prevalent on your hips, thighs or belly, and most women throughout their life will see their weight fluctuate based on their oestrogen production.

DID YOU KNOW:  contrary to what you may think, Girls can feel quite insecure about her body during this time. Things are changing quickly and you could struggle to consolidate the image of your new body with the image you previously have of yourself. Young women often feel the  pressure of being on the journey of to “adulthood.”

A good way to address and release your emotions is talking to your friends. There is no way to know what someone is thinking unless you ask, so sit down over some snacks and have a chat to one another about your experiences and feelings about puberty. It is a great way to bond, and you never know, the envy you feel for your friend’s body may not feel one sided at all!

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